About Crystal Water Investment Management (CWIM)


Like crystals, we believe that everybody is unique.  This is especially true when it comes to their retirement demands.  Some people might want to start their own business, some might want to travel the world or just spend their time at home in comfort with their families.

Whatever it is, we will work with out clients to achieve their goals.  And as water is the most important element in sustaining life, good retirement & investment advice is the most important contributor to achieving the goals of life after work.  The capital gathered at that stage of life is precious and needs to be utilised as effectively as possible.


Who is CWIM?

Crystal Water Investment Management operates under franchisee agreement of Graviton Wealth Partners, a subsidiary of Sanlam.  Although we have the freedom to place clients’ money with any of the major financial institutions, it is monitored and regulated by the compliance department of Graviton Wealth Partners.  Our consultants are highly qualified individuals, who understand the mutual benefit of good investment advice.  Our Advice and outlook is backed by research from some of the best and highest rated financial institutions.


Why Graviton Wealth Management?

Graviton Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd was established as a result of a need to assist individuals who require advice upon resignation or retirement on how to maintain their lifestyle, create financial independence and build wealth. They provide specialist financial advice on investments and retirement planning as a preferred consultant to some 50 000 retirement fund members. We partnered with them because we subscribe to their investment philosophy and ethics.

Graviton is also responsible for our compliance, thus ensuring that our clients have peace of mind.