Eskom management misses the point

Eskom presented their latest financial results yesterday. To a surprise of many, they produced an annual profit of R3,6 billion. Although in general a profit is what you would want a company to produce, in this case it raises serious questions about the management...

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‘Pot of money’ approach is wrong

"South African retirement plans that are designed to provide you with “a pot of money” at retirement have completely the wrong focus, a Harvard professor and Nobel prize winning economist currently on a visit to South Africa, says."By Laura du PreezRead the full...

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What we have learned from Greece

Once again, Greece has been bailed out, and taken on more debt provided by the other European countries and in return have promised to implement reforms. The Greek politicians hate the deal, but have agreed to implement it. However, they should at  least try and...

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Why should Greeks vote “yes” on Sunday?

The Greek debt crisis has been dragging on for so long that it seems an eternity. They have almost been as long in a crisis mode in the European monetary union as “out of crisis mode”. Considering that the debt burden is 340 billion Euro, they have a serious question...

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As the dust settles over a stormy night of politics in South Africa, the new dawn that so many of us were hoping for to revive this frail economy has not materialized. Instead Zuma gave a speech in which he hardly mentioned the National Development Plan, their well...

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South Africa’s unequal society

The Oxfam inequality reports once again shows that South Africa is the most unequal society in the world. The two richest people are as wealthy as the poorest 50%. These are worrying figures, and the contributing factors are clearly many. In summary it shows that we...

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Hiking Rates in a Weak Economy

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has once again hiked interest rates, although only slightly, confirming that we are on a definite upward trend. This, even though the economy is weak and seems to get weaker still. The main reason was that inflation seems to be...

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